The Last of Us 2 Actor Doing Some New Motion Capture Work?

Looks like speculation is going to run rampant here for a little bit as Derek Philips just posted a brand new selfie. Okay, so if you’re not familiar with the name, actor Derek Philips has been apart of several big projects over the years. From films, television series, to of course video games. In fact, the latest performance Derek Philips has been in terms of video game content is Jerry Anderson. Now before we get too far into this post, there may be some spoilers ahead for The Last of Us Part 2. I’ll attempt to keep things a bit vague just on the slight chance you skim through the article.

Jerry Anderson is the father of Abby, another iconic and important character in The Last of Us Part 2. A big motive behind this game narrative is in part based around Jerry Anderson and it may have people wondering more about the character after the credits ran in The Last of Us Part 2. Okay, that’s all the talk I’ll do for the video game to keep things a bit more clear for those who may still be working through the game or have yet to give the campaign a go.

Anyways, a new tweet from the Derek Phillips Twitter account showcases the actor in a motion-capture bodysuit along with a description to the post stating that he’s back to work. Unfortunately, nothing was showcased in the photo as far as I can tell in which would insinuate that this is motion capture work for a DLC storyline in The Last of Us Part 2. However, that’s clearly what fans are hoping for with the replies to his tweet.

Instead, this very well could be a brand new video game that Derek is working on. As mentioned earlier, Derek has worked on several video games in the past such as Dishonored, Life is Strange, Fallout 4, to even The Walking Dead: Michonne. At any rate, we’re wondering just what this next project will be about especially if the hopes of a new DLC storyline continue fleshing out some of the content after The Last of Us Part 2 ends. For now, we’ll have to wait and see, but for those of you who have yet to dive into The Last of Us Part 2 from development studio Naughty Dog, you can pick up a copy today on the PlayStation4.

Source: Twitter