Las Vegas Atari Hotel Concept Art Released

There’s never a shortage of unique ideas in Las Vegas. America’s playground is full of iconic resorts, locations, and American culture. However, over the year’s the popular vacation destination has seen some past resorts get swallowed up by other companies and as a result, they get demolished. In fact, it wasn’t long ago that there was the famous Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas which has been revamped for a new upcoming launch for the Virgin Hotel’s Vegas resort.

We don’t cover Las Vegas here so it’s an interesting topic to bring up. However, the reason I’m bringing it up today is that there were the first few concept images released showcasing the Atari hotel for Las Vegas. Again, as I mentioned earlier, Las Vegas is filled with unique locations and a destination resort for those that are usually the age of 21. With a lively city that doesn’t sleep and something to be found just around every corner on the famous Las Vegas Strip, there may be a reason for some gamers to venture out to the area especially if they enjoyed gaming since the days of the Atari.

These concept images showcase a futuristic-looking resort that offers some homage to the iconic years of the Atari. From the logo shaped building to the various video game titles the console was known for. However, it’s uncertain if this location will be a resort that can rival the other locations within the Las Vegas limits. In fact, Las Vegas is a big area for gambling and I’m not sure if this location will have much in terms of gambling within the actual hotel. 

At any rate, it’s an interesting design that would be neat to see come out at some point. While Atari is a pretty old name in the video game industry today, there may be some interest in seeing just what this resort would be like if they are ever in the area.

Source: Bleeding Cool