Cloud Saves Will Be Available To All Xbox 360 Users

Going into 2020 there was a ton of anticipation for the video game industry as this would the be year both Microsoft and Sony would bring out the next-generation video game console platforms. While no one could have expected the world to get hit with a worldwide pandemic outbreak. With the coronavirus proving to be a difficult obstacle for everyone to endure, it was especially troublesome for the video game industry. Studios were forced into working remotely while Microsoft and Sony had to market their next-generation platforms through online streams.

While 2020 is certainly far from ideal, it does look like both Microsoft and Sony would be hitting the marketplace with their next-generation platforms in November. Still, it may be an obstacle to get some saves from past consoles onto the next-generation release. We know that both current-generation platforms have the means to transfer saves, but it looks like there is still an active community holding onto their saves from last-generation consoles. Today, we’re finding out that Microsoft is giving access to the cloud saves feature across the board on the Xbox 360 platform.

If you don’t recall, we don’t blame you as the Xbox 360 is quite a few years old now. However, Microsoft allowed cloud saves to be a feature that was restricted to premium Xbox Live accounts. That’s not going to be the case anymore as cloud saves are available for all accounts which would allow users to access the save games on their Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. This could be a well-received move on Microsoft as it means those of you who are holding on to the save data on the Xbox 360 hardware can at least back it up and bring the progress over to the latest upcoming console. 

As for the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S, both console platforms are slated to launch next month. We don’t have long of a wait to endure to get access to the next-generation platform now. Currently, the set release date for these two console platforms is November 10, 2020, however, we’re uncertain just how difficult these consoles may be to come by initially when it launches into the marketplace. 

Source: Kotaku