Silent Hill: Shattered Memories May Get A Spiritual Successor

There is a massive fan base for the Silent Hill IP and over the years we’ve received several installments to that franchise. Now the original four installments by the creators, Team Silent, has been the more praised Silent Hill titles from the entire franchise, but we did receive some other notable works. After Silent Hill 4: The Room released, Konami disbanded Team Silent and offered the popular psychological horror franchise to other western developers. Most of those game didn’t reach the same praise and hype as the original four installments, but as mentioned, there were a few unique takes.

One of those unique takes was Silent Hill: Shattered Memories. It was a retelling of Silent Hill, the original installment that released on the PlayStation. Rather than offering the same mechanics, the mastermind behind the title, Sam Barlow, opted to make it more about fleeing danger and using the Wii motion controller to enhance the gameplay experience. While over ten years old now, Silent Hill: Shattered Memories is still on Sam Barlow’s mind.

In fact, Sam went to his personal Twitter account and made note that he has a pitch idea for a spiritual successor to that title. It’s worth noting that its a spiritual successor and not a direct sequel as Konami still retains the IP. Instead, this is similar to something like Obsidian Entertainment’s spiritual successor to Fallout: New Vegas with their release of The Outer Worlds. Outside of making note of the game pitch, we don’t know just when to expect a trailer or marketing materials to be available for this video game.

As for Silent Hill, the IP has been highly beloved, but remains dormant. Konami has yet to bring out a new installment despite the influx of rumors of a new title or remake being developed. It’s not all gloom and doom for Silent Hill as we did receive a digital release of Silent Hill 4: The Room on GOG.

Source: Twitter