The PS5 DualSense Was Designed Around Astro’s Playroom

There was a ton of anticipation and hype leading into 2020. We knew that this would be the year that both the Microsoft and Sony company would be bringing out their next-generation video game console platforms. Of course, that anticipation started to dwindle down when 2020 hit, and the world was forced to endure the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak. We’re still dealing with this virus in our daily lives, but one thing is for certain, we can expect the next-generation platforms to make their way into the marketplace despite the virus outbreak.

In fact, the way the studios had to market their consoles for their upcoming launch in November of this year has been a bit unorthodox. Rather than going to events for fans to try the game out in-person, both companies were forced into doing online live streams. This was especially difficult for Sony as they crafted their next-generation platform, the PlayStation 5, to be based around immersion. It’s a bit difficult to highlight some of these features without players actually getting a chance to test them, but you can expect the likes of 3D audio technology and a unique controller. 

Dropping the DualShock dubbed name, Sony has unveiled that the PlayStation 5 would be using the DualSense, a brand new controller. What makes this controller a bit unique in that it offers advanced vibration feedback and even haptic feedback triggers. One of the ways the developers were able to craft the controller was through the help of Sony’s internal development team, Asobi Team. 

In an interview with Famitsu which was translated on VGC, the studio head, Nicolas Doucet spoke about the DualSense and how the development team was holding weekly meetings with the team responsible for the DualSense hardware. For instance, the developers would receive a version of the DualSense and by testing the mechanics designed in Astro Playroom, they were able to offer insight on how to further tweak the controller.

“After considering the experience of the game, we thought about what parts should be further improved and what direction should be taken.”

As you can imagine, this took quite a bit of time as Nicolas made mention that it took nearly two years before the DualSense turned into the controller we will receive packed with the PlayStation 5. As for the development studio project, Astro Playroom will come installed on the PlayStation 5 which would give players a game to show the DualSense off while also giving players a bit of content to chew through. Currently, the PlayStation 5 is slated to launch into the market on November 12, 2020, for most markets.

Source: VGC