Google Stadia Now Officially Available For Latest Chromecast 

There are several video game platforms players can jump on and enjoy right now. However, alongside those big name brand companies known for video game platforms such as Sony and Microsoft, there are others trying to break in. It’s nothing too uncommon as we’ve seen attempts in the past from companies wanting to make a big name in the video game console platform. We’re looking at you Ouya. However, one platform that came out not that long ago is still sticking around.

Google released its Stadia cloud gaming platform back in November of 2019 so we’re still really early into this Google venture. You may have recalled the service awhile back as it was leading up to become the Netflix of gaming. That’s what quite a few potential players thought of the very least. Instead, when things finally cleared up, we found that Stadia offers a Netflix style service in terms of streaming video games, but there were fees and full-on game purchases required. 

Google Stadia is a cloud-based platform service. You can access your video games on a wide range of platforms, however, there is the requirement of a stable internet connection. On top of that consumers who wanted to take full advantage of different aspects of gaming such as 4K streaming would have to pay for a premium tier for a monthly fee. Then there’s the added requirement of having to purchase the games which were locked behind Google’s Stadia service. 

There may not be a ton of love for this service from gamers, but it doesn’t look like Google is killing Stadia off anytime soon. Still, it’s a service that apparently is not taking priority over some of the other ventures. In fact, one of the latest Google Chromecast devices that released may have appealed to some consumers but if you’re wanting to use the Google Stadia app then you’re out of luck. Users will find that the Chromecast lacks Google Stadia, but will apparently release in 2021. 

Source: The Verge