Marvel’s Spider-Man: Mile Morales Progression Can Be Transferred Between PS4 & PS5

2020 is quite an exciting year for the video game industry. We knew that both Microsoft and Sony had plans to bring out their next-generation platforms and while things may have seemed iffy with the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak, it looks like both companies are on track for a console platform launch this November. However, for those of you wondering what this may mean for cross-generation games and save states, it looks like there may be some games that will incorporate a save transfer feature.

One of the games that are coming out on both the PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5 is Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales. This is a spin-off of Marvel’s Spider-Man where we get to play the role of Miles Morales rather than Peter Parker. We won’t spoil anything from the Marvel’s Spider-Man video game title, but this entry will show Miles having to handle a war breaking out in his own neighborhood. Fans who enjoyed the first installment are itching to get their hands on this upcoming title, even though it’s been stated that fans should expect a smaller scope experience.

However, for those that are interested in the game on the PlayStation 4, there may be some uncertainty that the save progression will carry over onto the next-generation platform if they happened to upgrade their console platform. Recently a fan on Twitter reached out to Insomniac Games asking this very question and what it may mean to those that are also planning to pick up the game on the PlayStation 4 before upgrading to the next-generation platform.

Insomniac Games reached back and stated that you will be able to transfer your save on the PlayStation 5. However, more details on how this is handled will come out closer to launch. For now, it looks like if you have plans to enjoy this game on the PlayStation 4 and are waiting to get the PlayStation 5, you’ll easily be able to bring the game and your progression over to the next-generation platform.

Source: Twitter