Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Is A New Netflix Exclusive Animated Film

Video games being adapted into films or television series is not uncommon especially as of late. There’s been a bigger boom in adaptations and we’re seeing the likes of Sonic, Uncharted, and The Last of Us coming out outside of the video game medium. However, other franchises have already been adapted quite a bit. Capcom’s Resident Evil franchise has received CG films in the past along with a spin-off live-action cinematic movie series. However, it looks like we are not done with the adaptations quite yet as a new CG film was unveiled for Resident Evil

This new film is titled Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, which is an upcoming exclusive for Netflix. We only got one small teaser for the trailer so we don’t know too much about the synopsis quite yet. However, with that said, we do know that the film will showcase Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy. Just at what capacity the duo will be featured in the film or if we will see some other familiar characters remains to be seen. 

At any rate, this film is still in the works and we’re not going to see it launch through the Netflix streaming service until at some point in 2021. For now, the internet is still scavenging for any clues that may tell us where the upcoming film will land in terms of the video game timeline. Of course, there’s no real way of knowing until we get more official details on the film. In the meantime, fans of the franchise can still divert their attention to other Resident Evil news.

While the developers over at Capcom have been working on remakes lately with the likes of Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, their latest upcoming installment will be a continuation to the mainline franchise. This next major release is Resident Evil Village, a game that will retain the first-person viewpoint from Resident Evil 7 while continuing the storyline of Ethan Winters. The latest bit of news that came out for the title is the amount of open-world exploration players will have at their disposal. 

Source: YouTube