Mojang Invites Players To Vote For Next Minecraft Mob Addition

There’s a massive fan base for the Minecraft video game franchise. It’s received not only ports for the mainline release, but spin-offs as well. Over the years, the fan base has continued to grow and while Mojang is still offering some new updates to further expand content for players to enjoy, this next big update is confirmed to feature a new mob to the game. However, what makes this a bit more special is that the new mob will be available in the game after winning a fan base vote.

As mentioned, Minecraft has received some spin-off video games and some of those titles include creatures that are not officially available for the base Minecraft title. That may change for one lucky mob after a vote is cast on October 3, 2020. This announcement came from the official Minecraft Twitter account. According to the Tweet, Mojang is inviting fans to join in on a live stream this October 3, 2020, which will highlight some of the upcoming Minecraft update details. However, more importantly, there will be a vote between three mobs that are featured in Minecraft spin-off titles such as Minecraft Dungeons.

The three mobs up for vote are the Moonbloom, Iceologer, and lastly, the Glowsquid. Depending on the vote, one of the three will be included in the upcoming Minecraft update. This likely means that the development team over at Mojang have the necessities to bring either of the mobs into the game without any issue. Perhaps over the coming updates, we will see all three mobs eventually make it out into the main title.

For now, it looks like you can cast your vote during the show but we’re not certain just how long of wait will be before we’ll get our results for the mob winner. For now, you can enjoy Minecraft on its most currently supported platforms PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, and Android platforms. 

Source: Twitter