Japan Market Quickly Sells Out Of Xbox Series X

There has been a ton of excitement and anticipation for 2020. We knew before the year hit that this would be the start of the next generation of video game console platforms. Both Microsoft and Sony had plans to bring out their upcoming consoles into the marketplace, but unfortunately, none of us could have predicted the world to get turned upside down with this coronavirus health pandemic outbreak. Instead, what we received is a real panic and new sets of rules to abide by. We’re all practicing our social distancing and refraining from going out without proper masks to avoid further spreading or catching this virus.

With this pandemic making a sweep globally, there was some uncertainty that Microsoft and Sony would be able to deliver the next-generation video game consoles. Since then both companies have assured fans that there were no delays planned for either the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X lineups. Instead, we can expect these consoles to hit the marketplace starting in November, but chances are there will be some limited units available. After all, there have been reports of certain retailers like Amazon alerting those who preorder a next-gen PS5 console may not arrive on time

Now Microsoft has been trying to change some stuff up. For instance, they have been looking for studios to really strengthen their IPs and studio workforce, but also attempting to make a real stand in certain markets that the company just failed to flourish in. One of those markets that Xbox just doesn’t have big brand recognition in Japan. That’s hopefully changing if some preorder news alerts are anything to go off by. 

With Tokyo Game Show going on, Microsoft made note that they wanted to really make the Xbox a brand that’s positive in the marketplace. Now with the preorders available in Japan, it looks like Amazon and several other retailers in the area have already sold out on both the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series S. This is certainly a nice start for Microsoft and hopefully, something that can continue going in a positive direction, but only time will tell.

Source: VGC