Bethesda Video Games Are Coming Soon To Xbox Game Pass

If you didn’t catch the news yesterday, which would have been hard not to, Microsoft made a rather massive purchase. This generation of video game consoles, when it comes to exclusives there’s been more players that seemingly favor PlayStation 4 over the Xbox One. With so many unique exclusive games, the move away from Xbox started to shift after the heyday of the Xbox 360. Still, that was something that Microsoft had to have taken note of as they have been gearing towards several exclusive video games on the upcoming Xbox Series X. 

Now in this latest purchase, Microsoft has acquired ZeniMax which includes a wide range of development studios and IPs. One of those happens to be Bethesda which has brought out quite a few iconic video games over the years. It looks like the gap has closed up a bit after this latest purchase where we will see Microsoft likely use these IPs and studios to deliver not only exclusive video games on the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S but also for the Xbox Game Pass.

It seems that you can expect several of these games to come out on the Xbox Game Pass at launch. Of course, we are likely a good ways away before we see some of these new upcoming titles release into the market, there is a rather large catalog of titles that Microsoft can push out onto the Xbox Game Pass subscription service. That’s exactly what you can expect as well shortly as Phil Spencer, the head of Xbox, made mention of during his blog post announcement.

Phil Spencer made note that Bethesda games will be coming to the Xbox Game Pass soon, but didn’t offer a real date in which these games will release. For now, it’s a waiting game, but we imagine that there may be quite a few more subscriptions added to Xbox Game Pass with the likes of Doom, Fallout, and The Elder Scrolls making an appearance.

Source: Xbox