Ubisoft Forward Revealed Aiden Pearce Will Make A Return In Watch Dogs Legion

Ubisoft is a massive video game development studio. They have curated quite a few incredible IPs over the years and we normally get an inside look of what’s to come for this franchise during big events like E3. However, as you all are aware, E3 2020 didn’t happen this year simply because of the massive worldwide health pandemic outbreak known as the coronavirus. It’s a big event and ordeal that we’re still dealing with and one of the effects it had on the world is the removal of all in-person events. Those big expos, conventions, and concerts just didn’t happen this year and for good reason. We’re all doing our part in practicing social distancing and avoiding spreading the virus any further out.

With that said, that’s not stopping different companies from showcasing what they have coming out. For the video game industry, what we’ve been seeing is different online streams to make big reveals and announcements. Ubisoft has had two of their own events so far which they have dubbed Ubisoft Forward. It’s essentially cut down sizes of their press media conference event that they usually have during E3. This latest stream showcased the upcoming Watch Dogs Legion, an upcoming installment to the beloved Watch Dogs franchise.

In Watch Dogs Legion, the big focus around the title is recruiting people into Dedsec and from there you’ll have access to their various skills. The latest trailer highlights player having to go out and complete quests for strangers in order to get them recruited into Dedsec for later users. Each character can offer a wide variety of useful skills that will make them a bit more appealing to add to your ranks. However, this Ubisoft Forward event also showcased the first protagonist in the Watch Dogs franchise.

Aiden Pearce is making a return in Watch Dogs Legion as part of a season pass DLC. We didn’t get much information other than seeing a slightly older Aiden with a new agenda. Just what his story will tell players when the game launches remains to be seen, but you can check out the gameplay trailer reveal up above. As it stands right now, Watch Dogs Legion will be available on October 29, 2020, for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms.

Source: YouTube