At Least One Microsoft Employee Is Frustrated Over Xbox Series S Leak

The world is going through quite a unique change. We’re all enduring several elements right now and changes are inbound. However, one of the biggest that hit in a worldwide manner was the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak. It’s something that caught so many off guard and as a result, the world really shut down for a good period of time. In fact, most of us are still going through these massive changes while we wait for a vaccine to release. Even then, it’s a big change in how we work and interact with others in society. 

We’re practicing social distancing and ensuring that we don’t spread the virus around. This virus even prevented live events and expos. 2020 didn’t see the big slew of different shows, concerts, events, or conventions. It’s all been cancelled but rather than not have anything, more companies are working to bring out content online through various streams. While we can’t attend in person, these online streams are proven to be popular and a means to further market or reveal content. After all, both Sony and Microsoft had plans to bring out their next-generation console platforms this year despite the virus spread.

While Microsoft and Sony had to rethink how they will market and advertise their consoles, it didn’t stop a slew of reporters along with insiders from revealing what was going to come out next. This is easily a frustrating aspect that companies have to deal with such as Microsoft. For months now, we’ve been waiting to see when the Xbox Series S would be unveiled. We essentially knew this was a console model in the works, but so far, there’s been nothing official from Microsoft until earlier this week.

A leaked image came out along with a price point unveiling the Xbox Series S as an Xbox Series X without the disc drive and would come out at just $299. Microsoft went ahead and confirmed this online through their official Xbox Twitter account, but that doesn’t mean there weren’t some frustrations from the team. Brad Rossetti, who is a program manager at Xbox, took online to vent his frustrations.

Brad made note that there were so many people working hard to ensure that this console would not leak and keep information under wraps for different reasons. The fact that it was leaked really was a disappointment.

Source: Gamerant