Ninja Is Interested In Streaming But Has Not Unveiled On What Platform

There is a ton of attention placed on streaming especially as of late. Thanks to the worldwide pandemic outbreak that is the coronavirus, more users are joining in to Twitch along with other streaming platforms, to build up an audience. From connecting with friends to building a community, streaming has not only been popular to enjoy the content but also allows different online personalities to make some money. Some streamers can pull it some massive numbers both in terms of views and funds they make at any given moment.

From personalities getting sponsorship deals to donations, the ability to turn a profit on different streaming platforms is there. However, it seems that some platforms can be a bit difficult to grow brands as was the case for Ninja. Apparently, one of the reasons his departure from Twitch was the limitations that the company placed on his brand. As a result, when Microsoft offered Ninja a contract deal to stream exclusively for Mixer along with the ability to further expand his brand, the popular streamer jumped at the opportunity. In fact, this move really prompted several contracts to be written up.

We started to see some big numbers get offered to streamers in their various contract agreements that essentially poached streamers for their particular streaming service platform. However, while Microsoft attempted to make a big hit with Mixer, they ultimately cut their losses and decided to close the streaming platform altogether. This resulted in Ninja getting bought out of his contract and once again leaving him a free agent to stream wherever he pleased.

Unfortunately, for Ninja fans, we really haven’t seen him a whole lot and there may have been some speculation that perhaps Ninja was not as interested in returning to streaming. That’s no the case as he recently replied to a fan on Twitter when they asked Ninja to stream again. In the reply, Ninja stated that he was interested as soon as possible to join back in on the fun. This could be a nod towards the contracts being written up to allow Ninja a permanent place to stream in the future. However, no information was given out on just what the future holds for this massive streaming icon. 

Source: Twitter