Epic Games Store Releasing Two Free Games Next Week

For years Valve remained on top when it came to digital PC marketplace sales. Through their Steam marketplace, PC players had a client available with a slew of great video games to purchase. Not only was this service available for years, but it has also managed to be filled with features and very few big competitors to really challenge the company in terms of gathering sales away from Valve. That was until Epic Games decided to release its own digital storefront called the Epic Games Store

Epic Games had some deep pockets that allowed the company to not only craft up a digital storefront but also enough resources to compete against Valve. Still, Valve had the upper hand of being around for years and gained a massive following so there were a few strategies that Epic Games would need to incorporate in order to bring in consumers. One of the ways Epic Games managed to get some consumers were viewed rather unfavorably. Epic Games would seek out exclusive deals to keep the games on Epic Games Store for a duration of time before being available on the Valve Steam storefront. This was done in a couple of ways. Naturally, Epic Games would sign out contracts that would give developers along with publishers some funds likewise they would offer a better revenue cut compared to Valve’s Steam marketplace.

This alone managed to get some releases on the Epic Games Store without developers actually signing any contracts. However, as mentioned, fans were not thrilled over this move. Epic Games would find a way to get consumers on the Epic Games Store client and potentially gain some additional sales as they started to offer free video game titles each and every week. Some weeks we would receive one video game title while other weeks we could see two to three video game titles. All players had to do was make a free account and claim the games in order to keep them forever. 

These video game titles also ranged quite differently too. Some weeks you may have some indie hits while other weeks you may have some big AAA video game title releases such as Grand Theft Auto V. At any rate, we know that this coming week we’ll have access to Tycoon Sim Railway Empire and Where The Water Tastes Like Wine. Currently, this week Epic Games Store is giving out free copies of Into The Breach. If you’re after more great video game deals both free and discounted then I suggest checking out the weekly video game deals page right here. We updated it regularly to feature some great sales and discounts. 

Source: Epic Games Store