Netflix Confirms Resident Evil Series is in the Works

Netflix has announced a Resident Evil television series in the works and will take a unique story angle on the legendary horror series.

Check out the official announcement tweet:

Announced on Twitter, Netflix has confirmed that a new Resident Evil series will indeed begin production soon. The tweet reveals the script of the pilot episode titled “Welcome to Raccoon City” directed by Bronwen Hughes and written by Andrew Debb. The series is based on the iconic, legendary Resident Evil series and will follow Albert Wesker’s kids when they move to New Raccoon City and uncover secrets that might just be the end of everything. This is definitely a new, unique angle on the series, so it will certainly be interesting to see how the story unfolds.

The live-action Resident Evil series at Netflix will presumably begin production soon with no release date announced just yet. However, fans can expect the series to be exclusive to Netlflix when it does releases.

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Source: Netlflix on Twitter