Google Stadia Pro Memebers Free Games of Septemebr 2020 Announced, New Trailer Released

Google has taken to YouTube this morning to announce and detail the latest batch of free games for Google Stadia Pro members, and it seems that September 2020, will be a good month.

The newly released trailer highlights some of the biggest games coming to this months free games, but the biggest ones are IO Interactive’s rebooted Hitman, Metro Last Light Redux, and Hello Neighbor! All of the games that are offered for free are great, but these are definitely the top three big titles of the month.

Check out the free games of the month for Google Stadia pro members for the month of September, 2020 down below:

New month, new games! Every month, Stadia brings free games that you can play with a Stadia Pro subscription. This month, we’re adding Gunsport, Hitman, Hello Neighbor, Metro Last Light Redux, and Super Bomberman R Online starting on September 1. Just log-in and start playing today!

Google’s latest tackle into the gaming industry was sort of rocky. However, since its launch, the service and platform have gotten better. It’s still not the number one place gamers will go to play games, but with their ever-growing list of games and exclusives, Google can potentially have something great on their hands in the future.

If you’re interested in learning more about Google Stadia, you can check out our Before You Buy video on the new console system. However, due note that it was reviewed at launch, there are some changes made to platform as of today.

Google Stadia is now available to purchase. Are you a Pro member? If so, how are you liking Stadia so far? Let us know in the comments below!

source: YouTube