Are We Getting A Prince of Persia Remake?

Ubisoft has a massive catalog of video game titles to play around with. However, there are some game franchises that have been laying a bit dormant. For instance, we have constantly seen rumors go up to about Splinter Cell getting rebooted in some fashion. Those rumors never really panned out, but a new rumor has started to gain some traction which is Ubisoft’s Prince of Persia IP. We could see an announcement regarding Prince of Persia coming back out into the market after a new rumor has come out online. 

Prince of Persia is a beloved franchise but we haven’t seen any new big installments released. Now a new leaked listing has emerged online that suggests a Prince of Persia Remake title is coming to the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. The thing is most of these rumors turn out to be false, but this one instantly gained some traction thanks to industry inside. Jason Schreier, who you may know for his work formally at Kotaku, has tweeted about the leak and more or less confirms it’s existence. When Jason tweets out something regarding the game industry, most will take notice and heed his information so perhaps we may have some kind of announcement coming soon.

The rumor does indicate that we would see the title launch in November of this year which would also put it alongside the holiday 2020 release for the next-generation console platforms. If this is the case, there may be some title ports for next-generation’s Xbox Series X along with the PlayStation 5 as well. Unfortunately, we’re not sure if this rumor will be confirmed anytime soon. We do know that Ubisoft does have another media event coming up.

It was confirmed at the end of the Ubisoft Forward stream that another event would be coming this year. We’re likely to hear more about some of the already unveiled IPs such as Skull & Bones, Rainbow Six Quarantine along with Gods and Monsters. This may be a great stage to reveal the Prince of Persia Remake title which would be releasing shortly after the announcement. For now, all we can do is wait and see just what Ubisoft unveils.

Source: Gamesradar