Microsoft Reveals New Batch of Titles Heading to Xbox Game Pass Console & PC

Microsoft has taken to their blog to announce a new batch of titles heading to Xbox Game Pass Console and PC.

Announced on the Xbox Wire, Microsoft has detailed a new batch of titles coming to their Xbox Game Pass service. Resident Evil 7 Biohazard and the newly released Battletoads highlight the new wave of 13 titles arriving on the service. With that being said, both triple AAA titles and smaller indie titles flood the list, so Microsoft has all the gamers covered. Check out down below to find out which titles will be released on the Xbox Game Pass for both Console and PC.

Coming Soon  

  • Microsoft Flight Simulator (PC) – Available Today!
  • Spiritfarer (Console & PC) [email protected] – Available Today!
  • Battletoads (Console & PC) – August 20
  • Crossing Souls (PC) [email protected] – August 20
  • Darksiders: Genesis (PC) – August 20
  • Don’t Starve: Giant Edition (Console & PC) [email protected] – August 20
  • New Super Lucky’s Tale (Console & PC) – August 21
  • Hypnospace Outlaw (Console & PC) [email protected] – August 27
  • Tell Me Why: Chapter 1 (Console & PC) – August 27
  • Double Kick Heroes (Console & PC) [email protected] – August 28
  • Wasteland 3 (Console & PC) – August 28
  • Crusader Kings III (PC) [email protected] – September 1
  • Resident Evil 7 Biohazard (Console & PC) – September 3

In addition, Microsoft has announced a handful of games that will be leaving the service at the end of the month. Check out down below which titles will be leaving the service.

Leaving August 31

  • Creature in the Well (Console & PC)
  • Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams – Director’s Cut (Console)
  • Metal Gears Solid 2 & 3 HD (Console)
  • Metro: Last Light Redux (Console)
  • The Jackbox Party Pack 3 (Console)

Leaving September 1

  • NBA 2K20 (Console)

Leaving September 7

  • Red Dead Redemption 2 (Console)

What are your thoughts on these new titles? Are you a member of Xbox Game Pass? Let us know in the comments down below and be sure to stay right here at Gameranx for the latest gaming news releasing.

Source: Xbox Wire