Watch 25 Minutes of Battletoads Gameplay, Minor Spoilers Detailed

Rare is set to launch their epic reboot of the iconic 90’s video game title, Battletoads later this week, but for those who don’t want to wait for the game to release, the developers have released about 25 minutes of gameplay footage for the upcoming title.

The wait is finally almost over, but the last stretch is always the hardest, so to hold us all over, Rare has released some never before seen Battletoads gameplay. Titled the Battletoads Gameplay Showcase, the video manages to show off some new gameplay mechanics, story elements, and much more. However, as Rare notes, there will be some minor gameplay spoilers shown, so if you’re looking to go into the game as blind as you can, maybe you shouldn’t watch the entire video.

Check out the official gameplay showcase for Battletoads down below:

Video Description:

You want a Battletoads blowout? GO ON THEN! Here’s 25 minutes of Dlala Studios and Rare Ltd brawling, biking and blasting through some choice cuts of the multi-genre adventure on Toad difficulty, through the magic of Steam Remote Play in order to help us maintain social distancing. Just in case you can’t possibly wait till Thursday to get your hands on it yourself.

Last month, Rare and Microsoft announced the release date of Battletoads. The beloved franchise has been dormant for quite some time, and now with the return of the toads, gamers all around are ecstatic.

The soft-reboot versions of the game will welcome both hardcore fans of the series as well as newcomers. If you’re looking to learn more about Rare’s Battletoads, you can read the full story about its release date announcement right here!

Battletoads is set to release for the Xbox One platform on August 20th. Are you excited to jump back into the nostalgic reboot of the game? Let us know in the comments below!

source: YouTube