343 Industries Will Not Showcase Any Halo Infinite News This Week

Fans for a couple of years now have been eagerly awaiting to get more information regarding the next big installment to the Halo franchise. After the less than stellar reception for Halo 5: Guardians, fans were waiting to see just how 343 Industries would handle the next installment, Halo Infinite. During E3 2019 we were hopeful to see some gameplay footage but the Microsoft press conference only showcased a cinematic trailer for the game and it’s left us waiting a whole year for the gameplay footage.

We finally received the gameplay footage this past month which showcase a good bit of the enemies, terrain, and combat. However, when the footage ended, fans took to the internet to bring up their disappointment on how the game actually looked. Visually, it seemed to not feature the high detail that fans were hopeful of when it launches on the next-generation video game console platform from Microsoft, the Xbox Series X. On top of that, there were visual glitches that were present within the footage that had some red flags going up with the community.

As a result, 343 Industries was quick to jump online and share that they would be making some necessary adjustments to bring out not only a quality product but one that the team initially envisioned. Unfortunately, there wasn’t much time for the development studio to make use of especially with so many working remotely due to the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak that has occurred around the globe. As a result, we were given the alert that Halo Infinite had been delayed into 2021 to ensure that the game would release on par with the expectations that the studio has.

We’re not sure just how long into 2021 we’ll have to wait until Halo Infinite launches, but we do know that Microsoft will not be delaying the Xbox Series X to ensure that it comes with a massive title on release. For those that were hopeful a community update would answer some questions, the community manager for 343 Industries, John Junyszek has taken to his Twitter account in order to alert fans to hold tight.

Instead of a community update, the studio is doing plenty of work behind the scenes including communication plans. Right now, there are no plans for any announcement for Halo Infinite this week. We’ll have to wait and see what the studio plans to bring out in the near future.

Source: Twitter