WWE 2K Battlegrounds Roster Unveiled

WWE is a massive franchise and one that’s been around for decades. Fans have grown up with these iconic wrestlers over the years and when they finally wrestled their last match, they make way for new great upcoming talent. Needless to say, there’s always a fan base for this IP despite having an audience that’s been around since the start. With that said, with a franchise that’s such a worldwide hit, there’s plenty of video game titles to enjoy as well.

Sports video games are all the rage and there’s a new entry released into the market each and every year. Some of these games tend to grow and allow players with a bit more features, mechanics and jumps into visuals. That’s not the same for the WWE line of video game titles at least lately. There’s been a bigger focus around simulation titles for the WWE lineup and while there are some features that tend to work well, other areas such as the campaign can really fall behind. 

Fortunately, the worst of it may be over with as WWE 2K20 released with a massive backlash from fans. This game was filled with bugs and issues that left developers having to quickly address the game with a series of patches. That wasn’t all, this game was such a disappointment for fans that 2K even went on to cancel the following installment, WWE 2K21. Rather than not having any new video game titles to enjoy this year, 2K decided on two things, they are keeping the servers up and running for WWE 2K19 online multiplayer, and they are bringing out an arcade-style wrestling game.

This upcoming wrestling game is called WWE Battlegrounds and it offers an over-the-top style of gameplay. With more animated wrestlers and unique rings, we imagine that this will be a nice change-up for some fans that may have found the simulation games too technical to really enjoy. 

While the game doesn’t come out until mid-September, we do know of the roster the game will feature. There is a massive list of wrestlers set to come out on the game at launch and they include a nice mix of both current icons and classic wrestlers as well. We imagine if you have a favorite wrestler of notoriety then they are likely accounted for in the game. What may make some fans a bit happier is the fact that there is already a nice long list of wrestlers that are coming out post-launch. This means that over time, you will continue to find some new characters to show up in the game. 

Source: Gamerant