Civilization VI Now Available On Android 

The Civilization series got its start all the way back in 1991 and it’s become a massive hit for strategy fans. Over the year’s we’ve seen countless mainline installments released along with spin-offs and expansions. However, it’s been a good little while since a new mainline installment hit the marketplace with the current release being the 2016 Civilization VI title. Still, after all these years, there is a fan base that is still enjoying the game until the next major release is announced. However, for those of you who wanted to enjoy this game on-the-go, there were some limitations. 

Civilization VI has been available on a variety of platforms. While originally releasing on the PC platform, it eventually found a launch on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms. Going even further, this Firaxis Games release was even available on the Apple iOS platform allowing those with the iPad or iPhone the ability to really play this game anywhere. It’s been a long time coming but fans can now enjoy this game through the Android Google Play marketplace. 

This game is set up to be a free-to-start title which means that players can download the game completely for free, but they will be limited by how much they are actually able to play. In this instance, there is a cap of 60 turns and after using all the available turns, the game will present players with the ability to continue on by purchasing the full game for $19.99. For those of you who are unsure if this game is worth the money, having the trial to enjoy the game may help either sway the purchase or not. 

Fans can even purchase the extra expansion for an additional cost if you want to continue on with the game. Those expansions that are available for in-app purchases include the Rise and Fall expansion, Gathering Storm expansion, along with Civilization and Scenario Packs. If you have an Android device and would like to download the game, simply head over to the Google Play marketplace right here

Source: IGN