Capcom Comments On Potential Price Hike For Next-Gen Video Games

2020 has been quite the hectic year, to say the least. However, it’s also been quite the exciting year as well since we knew that both Sony and Microsoft had plans to bring out their next-generation video game console platforms. With both consoles slated to release this holiday season, one aspect that most gamers likely didn’t count on was the fact that these next-generation video game titles could bring in a higher price tag. In fact, the person that really put the world on alert was Shawn Layden, a former PlayStation executive. 

Shawn Layden stated in the past that these next-generation video game consoles could see a rise in video game software costs. With each new generation of video game consoles, the development fees that go into making a title rises. Right now, the fees to create video games can rival blockbuster films and with more power comes additional resources to craft up bigger video game titles. One way to combatant eating the costs until a video game is released is by ensuring that the title will cost a bit more when it launches into the market. We’re seeing this already with some next-generation video game titles costing players $69.99 rather than the standard $59.99.

Another way of making sure that these games cut down on how much they cost to make is by making smaller scoped video game projects. Rather than putting players through these massive and long-winded video game titles, having something a bit smaller could allow the developer to spend less time developing the game and requiring fewer funds to ensure it’s ready for a release into the market. Still, we’re waiting to see just what games release next-gen that will come with the $69.99 price tag.

Recently, Capcom held an investors call that suggests they have not officially decided on how much their next-generation video game titles will cost. Instead, it looks like the company is going to watch market trends and analyze eternally to see if these games are worth putting into the market at a higher price point than what we are currently used to seeing.  In other Capcom news, it was recently unveiled that Yoshinori Ono has left the company who was known for the Street Fighter franchise.

Source: VGC