Sony Is Bringing Back Fan Favorite DualShock 4 Colors This Month

There’s been a massive influx of people interested in video games or picking up more accessories. This is due to the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak that has hit the globe. With quarantines and remote work, there is a bit more downtime to enjoy the content at your leisure and one of the forms of entertainment that fans have taken up with is gaming. We’ve seen several consoles get sold out along with video game titles and accessories such as controllers.

While some retailers may struggle to keep some controllers in stock along with the video game consoles itself, it looks like Sony is bringing out even more DualShock 4 controllers this month. Best of all, these controllers are featuring some of the more popular fan-favorite designs that have since been discontinued. This month, you will find a few more controllers end up in your local retailers, although you will have to check with your area to see if they are in stock along with pricing.

Announced through the official PlayStation Blog, Sony is bringing a total of four different previously released DualShock 4 controllers back. They are Berry Blue, Red Camouflage, Rose Gold, and lastly, Steel Black. They are coming this month and it should give you some new incentive to either add another controller into the mix or perhaps add onto your collection if you didn’t already pick them up when they first launched.

With that said, there are other controllers available to purchase right now from the official PlayStation website. If you want a look at what’s currently available from Sony’s official website then follow the link right here. Outside of that, you may want to keep an eye on the DualShock 4 availability at your local retailers. 

Unfortunately, the latest news regarding the DualShock 4 was the confirmation that the controller will not work on the PlayStation 5 video game catalog. Instead, DualShock 4 will only work on the PlayStation 5 if players are going through a PlayStation 4 video game. Instead of the PlayStation 5, Sony is pushing the upcoming DualSense controller.

Source: PlayStation