Fallout 76 Mod Support Still In The Works

Fallout has been a massively popular video game franchise for decades now and it’s grown to expand in different territories over the years. Fans who have been following this franchise may have been in a real surprise when Bethesda unveiled Fallout 76, a brand new installment to the long-running franchise, but this time as an MMO experience. Players would finally get to explore the Wasteland without feeling completely alone. As a result, this game had generated quite a bit of interest from fans.

While the game initially released as an MMO where the overall game was based around building up settlements and fighting off enemies, fans were not all that pleased. The reception was a bit off to what the development team had hoped for. Instead of the immense popularity, fans started to feel at odds with the game that really didn’t have a storyline campaign to keep players progressing too awful much.

Instead of just throwing in the towel, Bethesda decided to continue on by bringing out a new update that would offer NPCs and quests. This has sparked some interest in the game again, but one element that was promised initially has still not been made its way into the game and that’s mod support. While fans can still gain mods online through other means, an official support system was set to release for Fallout 76.

During a Q&A session during a Quakecon stream, the development team has confirmed that the mod support is still coming. There are some issues that the studio is working on due to the game’s architecture for online gameplay, but the feature is not scrapped. When this feature comes into play, gamers could gain the ability to download mods created by other players. Unfortunately, we still don’t know just when the mod support will finally become available.

Source: PC Gamer