Latest Bugsnax Trailer Showcases New Gameplay Mechanics for the Highly-Anticipated Title

Developer Young Horses have released a new trailer for their highly anticipated title, Bugsnax. This time, however, the trailer is not a detailed lyric video, or an explanation video showcasing the game, but rather a gameplay trailer!

Yes, the gameplay trailer for Bugsnax gives players a look at what Young Horses have in store when it comes to playing the game. The trailer is about 2 minutes long and we see plenty of great characters, gameplay mechanics, and more sprinkled throughout the trailer.

Check out the latest Bugsnax gameplay trailer down below:

In related news, developer Young Horses have released the official full theme song for Bugsnax, which has been stuck in everyone’s head for quite some time. In addition to the full theme song, we’ve got detailed lyrics and Kero Kero Bonita’s beautiful vocals. Check out the full Bugsnax theme song right here!

Bugsnax is set to release for the PS4, PS5, and PC. Are you excited for the upcoming title? Let us know in the comments below!

source: YouTube