Take-Two Believes More Enhanced Versions Of Previously Released Games Will Come On Next-Gen

There is plenty of hype and anticipation for the next-generation video game console platforms. We knew that going into 2020 that both Microsoft and Sony had plans to bring out their next console release into the market. Now while the current pandemic outbreak may have caused some issues when it comes to the initial video game console reveal, there wasn’t any stopping Sony and Microsoft from showcasing their next-generation content.

We already have seen the new console designs and even some content slated to release for the next-generation platforms. However, most of us were not expecting Grand Theft Auto V to make another jump into a new generation of consoles. This video game released back during the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 console life cycle and found its way on the current-generation Xbox One and PlayStation 4 platforms. During Sony’s PlayStation 5 stream event, we got the reveal of Grand Theft Auto V being featured on the PS5 with some new enhancements to the overall gameplay. 

Even the online multiplayer aspect of Grand Theft Auto V, known as Grand Theft Auto Online, will be free-to-play for a period of time. This may be a somewhat unexpected surprise for fans, especially those that are waiting on the next new mainline Grand Theft Auto installment. However, this may not be the only new re-release for the next-generation according to Take-Two. In a recent Q&A session, the CEO, Struss Zelnick stated that when it comes to older titles being released again on next-generation consoles it’s typically left to their labels to make that decision, but he’s sure that there are more in the works. 

We imagine that if Grand Theft Auto V is making a return then it’s likely Red Dead Redemption 2 would follow suit and perhaps we’ll even see some of the other projects that have come out from other labels under Take-Two such as 2K. At any rate, there’s no telling just what else is slated to launch on the next-generation platforms that have already released.

For Sony, we know that their next State of Play which takes place on August 6, has already been confirmed that there won’t be any new major PlayStation 5 news, so we can rule out hearing any more re-release information during that event.

Source: VGC