Don’t Expect Starfield News Until 2021

Bethesda is a massive video game development studio that has brought out some incredible works over the years. Their two biggest IPs is arguably The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. We’ve seen several installments come out for the IPs throughout the years and there are quite a few eager gamers out there that can’t wait to dive into more of the franchise in the coming next-generation platforms. However, there’s also a new IP that has players wondering what the studio has planned. 

Starfield is a brand new IP that was first teased during E3 2018 where we got a logo. We know that this is a futuristic science fiction video game for players to enjoy. However, that’s about all we know and since 2018 we’ve been waiting to hear more about the game. Slated to launch on the next-generation platforms, it doesn’t look like we’ll see this game come out as a launch title. Outside of knowing it’s a next-generation exclusive with it slated to come out before The Elder Scrolls VI, we’re not sure just when we’ll get our hands on a copy of the game.

Bethesda’s Vice President Pete Hines may have indicated that we’re not going to see anything come out for the title this year. In a recent tweet by a fan who stated that their boyfriend had a dream about Pete Hines saying that no information will come out regarding Starfield until next year. Pete Hines replied stating that their boyfriend is smart. This could mean that we will likely not see Starfield for quite some time.

We’re likely going to see some more information on the game premise in 2021 for the upcoming game. Of course, we’re not sure just how far along the studio is with the game quite yet. This year has been quite the hectic one. With this health pandemic outbreak, we won’t be surprised if some delays occurred for Starfield and ultimately pushed the title back some. At any rate, we at least can expect something regarding the IP next year.

Source: Twitter