A New Castlevania Video Game Is In The Works

There are a ton of iconic video game IPs that are owned by Konami but over the past few years, the development studio has mainly kept their video game titles on ice. With a focus moving away from video game development, several of these franchises have been waiting to finally get another breath of fresh air and finally, we’re going to see a new Castlevania video game. It’s not too surprising to see the IP get picked up after the massive success from the Netflix animated series, but this new game does come with a potentially slight problem.

The video game is called Castlevania: Moonlight Rhapsody and it’s being developed by Chinese development studio, Shengqu Games. This is also a mobile video game title so that may instantly put some players away from this title at launch, but perhaps with its success and fan reception, this could be the start of more Castlevania video games that would break out into the console platform as well. Still, there’s no telling just when this game is going to release into the market.

From what we are able to gather, Castlevania: Moonlight Rhapsody takes place a hundred years after Belmont defeated Dracula with the family entrusting the holy whip to the Morris family. With other families helping out to fight against the dark forces, things remained somewhat peaceful until Castlevania suddenly appeared once again. Now the families will have their greatest battle yet ahead of them. 

This title looks like it will be taking some cues from the original Castlevania video game titles released and perhaps further expanding some of the mechanics for players, although just how well it plays remains to be seen. We’re not sure just when this game will make its way out into the market and how much it will cost players. Still, for those that have been waiting on this IP to make a return, this could be the type of game core fans and newcomers can get behind.

Source: Gamerant