Konami Twitter Account Offers Fans To Follow Silent Hill Account

There are a few iconic survival horror games that are still held high up on a pedestal years after their release. One of the franchises that really helped pave the way for psychological survival horror is Silent Hill. The Konami IP first got its start on the original PlayStation from an in-house development group that went by Team Silent. This group managed to bring out four incredibly iconic and popular installments for the series before Konami disbanded the group and offered western developers a chance to bring out a new take on the IP.

The results have been pretty lackluster and most had hoped that the Team Silent group would get back together and deliver a new installment. For years the franchise has laid dormant although there were some developments with a Hideo Kojima take on Silent Hill prior to him splitting from Konami and bringing out his own studio, Kojima Productions. Still, fans have been waiting to see what Konami would be doing with this game franchise especially after Capcom managed to bring out a huge crowd for their Resident Evil remakes. 

Nothing official has come out yet, but there have been some rumors of Silent Hill being rebooted with a partnership between Konami and Sony. What fans have incredibly excited for is that a lot of the original Team Silent members have gone on to work for Sony and this could mean that the original team that brought out Silent Hill will be in control of a proper reboot. 

Recently, Silent Hill was featured in Dead by Daylight, a horror game that features several other iconic horror IPs. As a result, Konami has recently tweeted out a reference to Dead by Daylight and Silent Hill on their official Twitter account. While the marketing team went on to say that they don’t mean to get people fired up, they said that anything official would be coming from the Silent Hill Twitter account. 

Perhaps this is another clue we can take towards the highly rumored and anticipated reboot announcement for Silent Hill. If this rumor proves to be true then we should see some kind of an announcement during a PlayStation 5 stream sometime this month, which again has yet to be unveiled. However, we do know that a State of Play catering towards the PlayStation 4 will be streaming on August 6, 2020, which may showcase when the next PS5 State of Play will air.

Source: Twitter