Another Xbox Event Will Likely Come Next Month 

There is a lot of hype going into 2020 for the video game industry. We know that both Sony and Microsoft had plans to unveil their next-generation platforms. While the coronavirus health pandemic outbreak likely caused the companies to rethink how they will approach their reveals, we finally have some information from both Microsoft and Sony on their new consoles. E3 typically would have been the main showcase for several of these big announcements, but with this event cancelled, we’ve instead seen several conferences and stream happen monthly. 

One of the companies that are taking advantage of streaming their latest news is Microsoft. We’ve been seeing something Xbox related for the past few months and we’ll continue to see that trend follows next month. During an interview between the YouTube channel, iJustine, and Xbox head, Phil Spencer, the topic came up on backward compatibility. In particular, it looks like Phil Spencer and the team at Xbox feels very strongly about keeping their ecosystem created for Xbox alive.

This could be anything from already owned peripherals along with video game titles. It sounds like there will be a few areas that will offer backward comparability for the Xbox Series X. While it was only a hint at this next-generation platform offering a means to enjoy content and accessories that most already own from the Xbox One, it looks like this may be an official reveal planned for next month.

Phil made note that more information will likely come out next month in August. Although, we can’t really mark our calendars yet as there’s no date given out quite yet. This may not be the only event coming next month either. It’s been rumored that Sony will be holding their own August event for the PlayStation 5. In fact, one of the rumored games said to be unveiled during the August Sony event will be the highly rumored reboot for Silent Hill

Source: YouTube