A New Leaked Xbox Series X Controller Fuels New Console Speculations

There is a ton of hype for the next-generation video game consoles heading out into the market from Sony and Microsoft. We are going through an unusual time in the world due to this COVID business and while we haven’t seen the traditional events or expos, there are still ways companies are holding conferences. For the video game industry, we’re seeing several conferences and live streams that offer players an early look into what’s coming out into the market in the near future. However, what because of this, some of the information likely planned for E3 2020, may have been cut into smaller reveals scattered across several months.

For instance, we’re slowly getting information for the next-generation video game consoles. We’ve seen new video games and hardware reveals themselves, but some of the features, price points, and even their official release date have been kept from the general public. As a result, we’re still seeing speculation pieces, rumors, and even supposed leaked images surface online with the latest being for the Xbox Series X.

This is not the first leak we’ve seen of the Xbox Series X. There were some close-up shots of the Xbox Series X itself that surfaced online. However, this new image popped up on Reddit recently that showcased a white Xbox Series X controller. The supposed information behind this image was the controller was photographed from inside a Microsoft employee home. Apparently, the employee had a birthday party for their child where the controller was available.

The user who posted the image had taken the post down along with his account. This has led to a ton of speculation on if this white controller is part of an upcoming variant edition yet to be announced or perhaps part of the cheaper model that is also rumored for the Xbox Series X lineup. Unfortunately, there’s no real way of knowing right now. We’ve also seen some fake controllers and even consoles printed up to offer a fake look ahead of their announcements so we can’t put too much weight on this rumor yet.

Source: The Verge