Select Games From July Xbox Event May Not Be Cross-Gen

Prior to the event held yesterday for Xbox, we knew that Microsoft had plans to make sure that there was plenty of video game titles would be a cross-gen release. It was an interesting strategy as before we usually see a focus on getting consumers on the latest hardware to enjoy new video game titles. With Xbox, it looks like there was a brand umbrella that would allow fans to enjoy the latest games even if it means that some titles would be a bit downgraded compared to the next-generation Xbox Series X counterpart. Unfortunately, that may no longer be the case if you were hoping to avoid upgrading to the next-generation hardware platform. 

There was some confusion yesterday as the Xbox stream showcased some next-generation exclusives which would be going against what Microsoft had previously stated. As a result, Aaron Greenberg the marketing head for Xbox made mention of the confusion on Twitter to hopefully clear things up for players.

It seems that first-party studios still can deliver next-generation video game titles without having to worry about a cross-generation release on the Xbox. What we may have seen yesterday during the event were video game titles that were coming out for the Xbox Series X years from now where the cross-generation platform release strategy is no longer something Microsoft is really warranting for their developers to follow.

For now, it looks like if you are wanting to ensure that you’re able to play the latest video game titles both first-party from Microsoft and third-party then you may want to go ahead and upgrade to the Xbox Series X. Unfortunately, we still don’t know what that may be as there’s no word on when the platform will actually hit the marketplace outside of a holiday 2020 launch. Furthermore, we still don’t have a price point for the console.

Source: VGC