343 Industries Talks About Halo Infinite’s Open World Map

There is a huge fan base for the Halo franchise and for years now the mainline installments to the game have been traditionally linear. It’s all about progressing forward within a map and within the map, there is not all that much to explore. That’s going to change up a bit with the upcoming release of Halo Infinite. Coming after the big campaign demo reveal, 343 Industries held a Q&A where we learned that the open-world element is a mix between a traditional open-world game along with ones that are broken down into zones. 

343 Industries Paul Crocker stated that the development team opted to build a big expansive world for players to explore, but the traditional elements of that go into a Halo game will be intact. It’s uncertain just how big of world players will get to explore in Halo Infinite and it doesn’t look like 343 Industries is all that interested in revealing just what they have crafted up for fans quite yet. 

Still, from the gameplay footage we were presented with yesterday during Microsoft’s Xbox Series X July event, it does look like there is quite a decent area to explore and chart out. Of course, with a larger map, you can expect a larger game campaign as well and that’s exactly what Paul Crocker made mention of as well during the Q&A session as well. This upcoming installment will be bigger than the previous two Halo installments combined. 

In other news regarding to Halo Infinite, it was recently revealed that the planned Flight Plans for this game may not happen after all. With the current situation going on in the world thanks to the health pandemic, the development team may have to make some changes to the public testing, although no details have come out on just when we may get our hands on a beta. At any rate, Halo Infinite is still slated to launch into the market sometime later this year for the Xbox One, PC, and the upcoming Xbox Series X platform.

Source: PCGamesN