Halo Infinite May Not Have A Flight Plan

When it comes to Halo there is a massive fan base and one that is very passionate about each installment released into the market. As a result, it’s best for the developers to work alongside the community to ensure that the game is shaping up with certain expectations all while leaving the campaign a story for players to go through. One of the ways that 343 Industries is seeking the community input is through Flight Plans.

These Flight Plans are a way for players to gain access to video game betas before launching in an effort for the development team to receive feedback. We’ve seen these play out pretty heavily with the launch of Halo: The Master Chief Collection on the PC platform where each installment was tested by the community prior to their launch. Players are still going through Flight Plans for the collection and back when Halo Infinite was first announced, it was noted that there would be a Flight Plan for players to get a look into the development journey.

So far there hasn’t been a Flight Plan and a new post from the Halo Waypoint alerts fans that there may not be one. Due to the unprecedented times going on right now, there is a challenge to see how they can get a Flight Plan ready for the public. This is not what the team had envisioned, but it’s worth noting that the team was taking in feedback for fans online to ensure that this new upcoming installment would be not only a fresh new Halo game but one that would be appealing for veteran fans.

That doesn’t mean that the team is not going to try and bring out a Flight Plan but there’s nothing charted out quite yet. Still, 343 Industries will be taking feedback from the community after launch to once again shape the game to a title that fans enjoy playing. For now, we know that this game has a few months left in development as it’s not slated to release until the end of 2020. 

Source: Halo Waypoint