Big Updates Are Coming Next Week For Red Dead Online

Red Dead Redemption 2 was a big hit when it launched into the market and much like Rockstar Games’ previous release, Grand Theft Auto V, the title also included an online game component. This is called Red Dead Online and it gives players the ability to enjoy new missions, storylines, along with in-game events long after you finish the game campaign. At any rate, the recent feedback from the community of players has found the online game component to be lackluster.

Grand Theft Auto Online was such a monster of a game that the development team opted to make several big updates both in terms of missions along with different additions that ranged from clothing, vehicles, to weapons. The same can’t really be said for Red Dead Online as fans recently took up with a protest online due to the lack of content featured. Now Rockstar Games has come up to alert the community some big updates are coming soon for the title.

This new update will add a new Frontier Pursuit that will apparently introduce players to the secrets of naturalism as part of a new Role. Furthermore, there is apparently going to be plenty of new features and fixes that fans have been alerting the development studio about. Unfortunately, there weren’t any fine details about what exactly is coming in this July 28th update. 

While fans can look forward to seeing just what Rockstar Games adds into the game later this month, it’s worth pointing out that this is not the only update planned. Rockstar has noted that there are even more exciting extensions and augmentations coming for the game. While some may have been hoping for a single-player storyline campaign DLC, there still seems to be a bigger focus around content being added for the online components of Rockstar Games’ currently supported titles.

Source: Rockstar Games