WWE 2K Battlegrounds Receives New Gameplay Trailer at Nintendo Direct Mini

During today’s Nintendo Direct Mini, WWE 2K Battlegrounds has received a brand new trailer, one which showcases a new look at the gameplay.

Check out the new gameplay trailer down below:

“Brawl without limits with your favorite WWE Superstars and Legends when WWE 2K Battlegrounds bodyslams its way onto Nintendo Switch on Sept. 18th!”

The trailer is showcased by none other than the talent of the WWE Roster. The trailer brings new footage showcasing a good look at the game’s combat system, which looks insane. In addition, the new trailer also showcases how bonkers the game can be with elemental power-ups and over the top move sets. Nonetheless, the game looks like loads of fun, in a wacky kind fo way. Players won’t have to wait much longer, as a new release date for the WWE 2K Battlegrounds has been announced.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds will consist of over 70 playable characters, both legends, and current wrestlers. Viewers with a keen eye will be able to pick off a couple of those playable characters in the trailer as Andre the Giant and Stone Cold Austin can be seen in action.

WWE 2K Battlegrounds releases on Sept. 18, 2020, on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch

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Source: Nintendo Direct Mini