Halo Infinite Campaign Footage Confirmed For Xbox’s July Event

While Microsoft may not have as many exclusive heavy hitters that Sony has, they do own the immensely popular FPS science-fiction IP, Halo. The franchise has been around for years and while it mainly got its big start on the original Xbox, we’re soon going to see a brand new installment that will hopefully fair a bit better than the previously released, Halo 5: Guardians. We’ve been waiting several years now and while it was originally slated to be a big game showcased during E3 2020, the cancellation of the event put the game showcase in somewhat of a limbo.

Last year there was plenty of hype and anticipation for Microsoft’s E3 2019 event where we were hoping to see some gameplay footage of Halo Infinite. While Halo Infinite made an appearance, we didn’t get the gameplay reveal we had hoped for. Instead, all we got was a cinematic trailer that had to tie us over until the next big E3 event a year later.

Of course, with the current coronavirus health pandemic outbreak that is going on, most events were cancelled leaving developers along with publishers to hold their own online stream to showcase content that was meant for E3. Microsoft has been holding a series of events to showcase their upcoming Xbox Series X video game platform and this next upcoming event set for July 23, 2020, is also going to feature Halo Infinite campaign gameplay footage.

We don’t know how much of the footage will be showcased but those that are wanting to see some multiplayer footage will likely have to wait even longer. This will also hopefully flesh out the premise a bit more so we know just what to expect on this next big adventure. Regardless, we can at least know that we’ll see something official from 343 Industries this month.

Source: Halo Waypoint