Review: Whirlwind FX Element is an RBG Keyboard That Brings Awesome Unique Features

Keyboards are one of the most common accessories for a PC, and when it comes to gaming, a good keyboard makes or breaks your gaming experience.

With so many options on the market, it is hard for PC players to pick one. There’s huge name brands like Razer, Steelseries, Logitech, and many more so gamers are already at a point where they have an over a selection of products to choose from. However, there are always a couple of great products that stand out from the crowd and Whirlwind FX’s Element is one of them.

Whirlwind reached out and sent over a sample keyboard to test out and I can say right here right now, the keyboard is awesome! The big seller of this keyboard is its revolutionary RGB functionality.

PC gamers know that RGB functionality on their keyboards is not necessary, but it definitely makes their setup way cooler. Usually, getting a keyboard to run RGB lights under its keys while matching up with your gameplay is not possible. But with the Whirlwind FX Element, this will be accessible to do so, and with general ease.

The keyboard is a mechanical one, something PC gamers tend to gravitate towards. This is standard stuff when it comes to the Element and it does it pretty nicely. However, as I mentioned before, the real seller of this keyboard is its limitless options to its RGB functionalities.

Take this video for example:

Thanks to the Whirlwind Engine, players can set up their preferred RGB layout, which literally can range from whatever they please. It can be set up to correspond to the game they are playing, a select few colors they like, or the endless amount of different possibilities they choose from.

As I mentioned before, the Whirlwind Engine is the real big standout feature that the Element has. This feature is pretty stunning, because it is truly the only keyboard at the time that can do something on the lines of this. This is all thanks to the Whirlwind Engine. Users will download the software that will help set up the keyboard; here is where the player will have the range of accessible tools to choose from.

As I mentioned above, players can have the keyboard RGB lights corresponding to the visuals on screen, which is truly something awesome. For instance, when playing a multiplayer game, the keyboard keys will flash red while getting shot at, making you that more immersed into the match. Thats not all though, the lights will respond to action pieces, lighting scenarios and more. Whirlwind recently uploaded a new integration spotlight showcasing the Element running with Cyberpunk 2077’s latest demo.

Check it out down below:

This is just an example of what the Keyboard can do, as Whirlwind has a ton of videos showcasing the power of the Element. This is the reason to buy the Element, as this is the only truly unique feature the keyboard comes with. Besides that it’s a mechanical keyboard that will work about great with anything on PC.

Typing up articles, surfing the web, or playing games, the Whirlwind Element is going to be an overall great keyboard to choose. I wouldn’t really call the RBG functionality a gimmick, as it is trying to stand out from the overcrowded keyboard scene, but let’s be honest, the reason you’re looking at this keyboard is the RBG functionality. And it serves it purpose nicely, and efficently.

With the Element being Whirlwind’s first keyboard, I would say it is a success. The RBG functionality, the mechanical keyboard keys, and everything in between is perfectly crafted. The software for the RBG features is easy enough to tinker around with and it will make your gaming set up look that much cooler. I have no real complaints with the keyboard as of now, and with the price generally low for a gaming keyboard, you can’t go wrong.

Getting started with your Whirlwind FX Element Keyboard, make sure to watch the tutorial guide provided by the developers down below:

The Whirlwind FX Element Keyboard is now available to purchase for about $100 USD. For the price of the keyboard, you will be receiving a product that is certainly worth your money.

Are you in the need for a new keyboard? Thinking about the Element? Let us know in the comments below!

Review sample sent thanks to Whirlwind FX.