Sony Patent May Hint At PS5 Backwards Compatibility 

There is a lot of hype into this year for the video game industry. We have several iconic video game franchises that have made a return along with new IPs being debuted for the first time in the market. With so many incredible games released or heading out into the marketplace, there is also some new hardware to get excited for. We knew going into 2020 that both Sony and Microsoft had plans to deliver their next-generation of video game consoles.

While we have seen the consoles along with being teased a bit of information regarding their features or power, we’re still left with plenty of questions. For instance, some may be wondering what the backward compatibility outlook will be for both platforms. On the PlayStation 4, Sony offered a digital service to enjoy a catalog of video games from the previous generation, the PlayStation 3 along with the PlayStation 2. This may prove to be something the company is interested in going forward with on the PlayStation 5.

A new patent has been discovered that showcases Sony’s interest in bringing out a digital service feature that would allow video game hardware to be mimic through a virtual machine. This includes the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 2, and the first debut home console for Sony, the PlayStation. It’s just a patent so don’t get too excited yet as this doesn’t mean it will be readily available at launch or if it’s even going to be a feature that the PlayStation 5 will make use of.

Furthermore, we could see this service continue to spread onto other platforms. For instance, the PlayStation Now service is also available on PC which would allow users to enjoy some of those PlayStation exclusives while not being attached to an actual PlayStation branded hardware unit. Of course, this is all speculation now as we’ll have to wait and see just how PlayStation Now will evolve with the next-generation PlayStation 5 console hits the marketplace.

Source: IGN