First Concept Image For Back 4 Blood Surfaces Online

Turtle Rock Studios may be best known for their release of Left 4 Dead, an iconic zombie game that has had such a massive impact on gamers. It still remains a beloved multiplayer co-op game as players jump into the role of survivors attempting to survive an onslaught of undead zombie hordes. With a diverse set of hostile characters and some over-the-top arcade-like combat, it’s easy to see how fans have gravitated towards this IP. Furthermore, the fact that there are still new maps being crafted and offered by fans for others to enjoy is allowing this game to live quite a long time.

Still, the original development team behind this IP had since split their ways after being obtained with Valve. Getting the ability to keep their studio name, Turtle Rock went on without the Left 4 Dead IP. We’ve seen the company bring out a new IP known as Evolve but after that launch, it was unveiled that the studio was interested in getting back to their roots by bringing out a spiritual successor to Left 4 Dead.

This resulted in Back 4 Blood, and while the Left 4 Dead community has new levels being delivered, it’s clear that there is an interest in a third installment along with this new IP from the original team that brought out the game series. Back 4 Blood was unveiled back in early 2019 where the team unveiled that the game would bring back the cooperative combat in a zombie apocalypse while being published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

It’s been a long time coming but it seems that some movement is being made for the IP in terms of public announcements go. This July 4, 2020, the development studio opted to unveil Back 4 Blood’s first concept art image. We get a look of a base that seems to be fortified with different trenches and traps for the undead horde that comes across their way. While this is our first sneak peek, the official Twitter account for Turtle Rock did reply to another use confirming that they are working to deliver a trailer. Just how far away before we’re able to see some footage for this anticipated IP remains to be seen.

Source: Twitter