Asus New Gaming Phone Will Be Unveiled This Month

There’s a big market for mobile gaming. Years ago, it was common for gamers to pick up dedicated systems for handheld gaming devices. However, there is more aiming to just enjoy video game titles right on their smartphones. We’re not telling you anything that you don’t already know. But, there is still some work on determining which smartphone to purchase when it comes to different areas of performance. These devices can certainly offer a massive price range which can also really determine just how much of a good time you’ll likely have to play video games.

From a budget tier phone that can run simple apps to high-end devices that can not only play incredibly intense video games but also deliver in a wide range of other areas such as photography, there’s smartphones that can deliver for every need. Still, if you’re after something that is more aimed at video game performance, then you may have been following Asus for a few years now. The company has been delivering the market its Asus Rog device which is a smartphone that aims around gameplay. 

We’re sure that if you’re in the market for a gaming smartphone then the Asus Rog 2 may have come up a few times, especially if your carrier offers the handset. With that said, the device will soon be overthrown with the upcoming announcement of Asus Rog 3. This next iteration of the device is set to make its grand unveiling later this month after a new website update showcases a countdown. 

For now, we’re waiting for the officially listed specifications of the device along with any changes that may have come up since its last release. Furthermore, we’re eager to see just how well this device can handle gaming while also keeping a good enough battery to keep players playing without fear of draining. With so many devices boasting the refresh rate and display resolutions on their smartphones, the biggest battle that some may find themselves dealing with is poor battery life. Of course, that’s speculation with the Asus Rog 3 as we’re still waiting for its reveal. With that said, if you’re after some games to enjoy on your smartphone then check out our list for some great game ports that made its way onto the mobile market.

Source: Asus