Review Roundup: Iron Man VR is Technologically Impressive and Totally Worth the Wait

VR games are a joy to play as it literally puts you in the shoes of the character, and developer Camoflaj has managed to let players become one of the most iconic superheroes of all time — Iron Man.

Yes, Iron Man VR has finally released and with that being the case, critics have been posting their reviews for the highly anticipated title. And to no ones surprise, the game is pretty good. Plenty of critics love the game and boast about its technological advancements into the medium, while other critics find the novelty of being Iron Man kind of boring after a short period of time.

If you’re looking to pick up the game this weekend, but are not sure if you want to drop some hard-earned cash for something that could be a hit or miss, I would suggest checking out some of the reviews slated down below’ it will help you see what critics are saying about the game.

Down below are some of the most respectable gaming sites in the industry, check out the highlights for their reviews on PlayStation’s latest title — Iron Man VR:

Screen Rant 90

Iron Man VR is one of the most technologically impressive PSVR games ever made, and raises the bar for what virtual reality games should strive for.

VRFocus 80

Marvel’s Iron Man VR does feel like its stretching the boundaries of what PlayStation VR and the Move controllers can do. Yes, the load times are very annoying yet the experience as a whole is still super satisfying. There might have been a few delays along the way but Camouflaj has made sure it was worth the wait. While there are plenty of hours of content to enjoy what’s most important is that exhilarating feeling of being Iron Man. Marvel’s Iron Man VR does that, making for a rewarding superhero experience.

PlayStation LifeStyle 80

Marvel’s Iron Man VR is two distinct games separated by long load times. There’s the thrilling and immersive Iron Man side of the game, letting players actually become the superhero in a way they never have before. And then there are the more sluggish Tony Stark moments, saddled with basic point-to-point VR teleportation movement as a channel to deliver story moments to the player. Don’t get me wrong. I loved being Iron Man. Camouflaj achieved that true superhero feeling when you’re flying high above the earth. Marvel’s Iron Man VR has a strong iron heart, it feels like they are squeezing all they can from the tech, but PSVR inherently anchors the experience with technical limitations that repeatedly interrupt the immersion with yet another loading bar.

Game Informer 75

Iron Man VR delivers thrilling combat and fun flight mechanics, but navigating big, open areas is frustrating.

IGN 70

Marvel’s Iron Man VR is not the next Marvel’s Spider-Man, and it’s not a system-selling killer app for the PSVR. But despite falling short of those admittedly high bars, it’s still a fun time. While Tony Stark’s story may not have grabbed my interest at all, flying around as his alter ego was a thrill, and its intuitive aerial combat stayed engaging even as mission and enemy variety thinned. It has plenty of extras to keep completionists playing after the credits roll too, even if there’s not much incentive to do so beyond wanting to feel the wind on your helmet… or collecting Trophies.


Iron Man VR would have been better off being smaller, focusing the game on telling a story and using the suit in interesting and fresh ways. Instead, it focuses on being a big combat simulator that’s too clumsy to enjoy. Strong voice acting and writing can’t overcome all of Iron Man VR’s technical problems, which are bad enough that I would warn most players who haven’t tried much VR to stay away. For those with strong VR stomachs and a love of the MCU, there’s enough here that you might have a good time. But you might be better off just downloading the demo instead.

GamesRadar+ 60

Spread over four-five chapters and a few hours this could have been a great superhero experience, but stretching it out to a longer run time dampens what few magic moments it has.

Iron Man VR is now currently available for the PS4’s PSVR headset. Are you planning on picking up the game? Let us know in the comments below!

source: Metacritic