Epic Games VP Finds PS5 To Be A Masterpiece 

Going into 2020 we knew that this was going to be a massive year for the video game industry. Before the outbreak that is the coronavirus that essentially shut the world down a little while, all gamer’s eyes were fixated on both Microsoft and Sony. Each company had promised that their next-generation platform would be out in 2020 and even though we had a health pandemic outbreak, that frankly, we are still dealing with, the console platforms are slated to launch this holiday season. While we got some information regarding both platforms, it does look like Sony is picking up more praise from Epic Games.

There are voices regarding each platform with its various pros. Epic Games has been working with Sony for a little while when it came to the Unreal Engine 5 tech demo, so it’s no surprise that the company would have some compliments to share for the upcoming PlayStation 5 console. With that said, the latest voice piece from Epic Games is Nick Penwarden, the VP of engineering. Speaking with OPM in a segment during the OPM UK issue 177, it looks like Nick finds the PlayStation 5 to be an outright masterpiece.

“The PlayStation 5 is a masterpiece of systems design. Not only is it driving a huge leap in computing and graphics performance, but it is also revolutionary in terms of storage and data compression technology, unlocking new kinds of games and experiences for players to enjoy.”

The quote comes on the heels of Microsoft’s expected announcement regarding Project Lockhart, something that most expect to be unveiled as the Xbox Series S, a step-down model for the Xbox Series X and likely something that would cost significantly less. Of course, that’s purely speculative on the moment as nothing has yet to be confirmed. Furthermore, we’re still waiting to see some of these new features for the PlayStation 5 along with a price point because outside of knowing that there are two models for the PlayStation 5, a standard along with a digital-only version, we’re left without any ideal on how much these consoles are going to cost.

While both clearly have some powerful driving force, it may come down to how much each console platform will cost, not to mention the features and exclusives that will release. A console platform could have all the power but if there’s no features or games to really enjoy it, there could be a hard sell for the platform. 

Source: PSU