Halo Infinite Features Old Xbox Consoles For Sound Effects

Easily one of the most anticipated video game titles to come out for the Xbox One exclusively still is Halo Infinite. 343 Industries has been working on their next Halo installment for a good little while now and while we didn’t get an E3 this year which was supposed to offer some gameplay footage for Halo Infinite, we do know that the title is still on schedule for a release into the market. Now for those who enjoy the development process for video games may find this latest video from the development studio a nice little insight on the upcoming game.

Halo is a futuristic and science fiction video game title. As a result, there is plenty of unique sound effects as you can imagine not only for the technology within the game but also the weapons and alien weapons. One of the means to get some interesting sound effects for the upcoming Halo Infinite video game is through using Xbox consoles. Both from the original to the current-generation platform.

The video first made an appearance last year though it’s started to circulate online once again online and it’s an interesting one to watch if you haven’t seen it before. Through some specialized microphones, 343 Industries could get some interesting sounds using the electromagnetic field. These sounds are being used for some effects in Halo Infinite which they certainly sound fitting for the video game title. If you haven’t watched the video, give it a watch in the post embedded above.

As for when you can expect to get Halo Infinite, the video game will be releasing this holiday season which should be alongside the launch of the Xbox Series X. However, outside of the next-generation XSX, you can still expect the game to release on the Xbox One and PC platforms.

Source: Instagram