Mass Effect 4: Motion Capture Underway, ‘Amazing’ New Environments Added

Motion capture has begun on the next Mass Effect at EA's Vencouver studio while supposedly amazing new enviroments have been added to the game according to BioWare developers, who've been hard at work on the game for some time now. The developers at BioWare have yet to reveal any solid details about the game. Not so much as an image or detail about who the game's main character will be has been released as of this time. 

Ken Thain, cinematic director at the studio, revealed the first mo-cap sessions on Twitter: 

Producer Mike Gamble said that he and BioWare Montreal studio director Yannick Roy have had access to a sneak peek for the game: 

Designer Jos Hendriks has also played the as yet un-titled game: 

The next Mass Effect does not currently have confirmed release platforms or a launch date. Mass Effect 3 lead writer Mac Walters is currently working on the game which appears to be a sequel based on the information we have on the races which will be featured

Walters has said that the game will not be related to Shepard and his companions. 

BioWare says the game will appeal to both old fans and newcomers.