Iron Man VR Latest Trailers Suits Players Up and Prepares for Takeoff

While players wait for Iron Man VR to release, Sony has released a short, new trailer that has players suiting up for greatness.

Check it out down below:

The new trailer wastes no time before it has players in the shoes of the one and only Iron Man. It isn’t long before tough decisions have to be made as to the iconic superhero, as you will be in the suit. In addition, the new trailer showcases octane action, as Iron Man squares off against the villainous hacked Stark drones.

Announced earlier this year, Marvel and Sony will be bringing you the experience of a lifetime and will finally allow you to become Iron man through the power of the PSVR. Not many details have been given when originally announced, however, Payton has returned and with some great news! Make sure to check out the recently released behind the scenes footage for Iron Man VR right here!

After receiving multiple delays, Iron Man VR is finally back on track and will release this summer on July 3, 2020.

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Source: PlayStation Youtube