Report: Amazon Confirms Dark Souls 2 PC Release Date

We know that Dark souls 2 – from Software’s devilishly difficult sequel – will be making its way to PC. That’s been confirmed. However, a delay has pushed the non-console version of the RPG away from the scheduled March 11 release date. We’re yet to hear any solid information on just how far the highly anticipated title has been pushed, but a new email being sent to Amazon pre-order customers has revealed a possible window for the PC game.

A Reddit user has posted an email concerning his pre-order of Dark Souls 2: Collector’s Edition that gives him an estimated arrival date of March 25-27. He’s a resident of the UK, so the North American release could be a bit earlier.

The above image is a screen capture of the email he received, but we’ll have to take this one with a grain of salt for now. Amazon might be making an estimation, but it would seem odd for a company to directly email a customer this date without some sort of publisher confirmation. We’ll continue to dig into the story in order to find out more.