NBA 2K21 Makes a Brief, but Promising Showing at Sony’s PS5 Event

During Sony’s Future of Gaming Event, popular sports franchise latest installment NBA 2K21 made a brief, but promising appearance.

Check out the trailer down below:

Although the teaser trailer only clocks in at a minute long, there are some key takeaways. First, is the cover athlete star is presumably non-other than the rookie phenomenon, Zion Williamson. In addition, the footage shown off is captured on a PlayStation 5 console, meaning the game seems to be getting a visual overhaul.

The attention to detail is on display and it definitely shows the power of the next-generation consoles. The biggest detail is the attention to detail in terms of the sweat that is covering Zion’s face, which looks plain and simple, amazing.

Sony is doing a phenomenal job at keeping the excitement level as the surprising reveals are keep coming in. The show has been stellar thus far showing off the likes of Sackboy A Big Adventure, Horizon Forbidden West, and a Demon Souls Remake!

What are your thoughts on the brief reveal of NBA 2K21? Let us know in the comments down below and be sure to stay right here at Gamernax for the latest news coming out of Sony’s PS5 event.

Source: PlayStation